Daniel Michael Jones Memorial Foundation



On May 26, 2012, Jesus took Daniel Michael Jones into his arms and Daniel's family and friends lost a very

special and inspirational young man. Daniel was 22 years old. His contagious attitude and infectious laugh

imprinted many wonderful memories on his family and friends. He was very outgoing, adventurous and persistent

when it came to living life. Daniel had the uncanny ability to make friends with everyone without changing who he

was. Daniel loved the new and uncharted, the amazing and daunting. A free individual who was confident in who

he was and what he was doing, a man with many responsibilities but was able to enjoy all life had to offer.

Daniel Michael Jones was born February 5, 1990 in Boulder Colorado. Daniel lived in Frederick Colorado as

a young child and later moved just north of the Tri-town area with his family. Daniel was an active child

participating in football and 4-H. He loved Adventure. Daniel's school years started at Platteville Elementary and

middle schooL Daniel graduated; class of 2008 from Valley High School in Gilcrest Colorado, where he was

Valedictorian. Daniel loved all aspects of his school years, and was very involved in sports, football, basketball,

wrestling, baseball and track. He was involved in many other school activities, also a member of MESA and the

National Honor society.


Daniels life at CU started like all other freshman, haVing to quickly learn college life is much harder than he

had thought. Daniel loved his first year in the dorms. He loved the view of the flatirons from campus and all the

events, people and experiences there are to have on campus. Daniel was currently pursuing a degree in

environmental engineering with a minor in meteorology. Daniel's imagination and intelligence allowed him to

accomplish many things from his artwork, to honors and awards in school. He was consistently on the dean's

honor roll at the University of Colorado. Daniel's Environmental Engineering Design team placed second in the

2011-2012 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) University competition; in the "Airport Environmental

interactions" category. Their project was titled "LED Runway Lighting for Denver International Airport" He was a

dedicated student who applied himself fully. Daniel was awarded his degree posthumously by the University of

Colorado boulder, College of Engineering and Applied Science at the December 20, 2012 graduation ceremony.


The amazing thing about Daniel is that he never became a slave to his schoolwork; he was able to enjoy

all aspects of life and do things that made him happy. He earned high marks in school but never forgot how to have

fun and laugh while doing it. Daniel was a very active and talented young man who will be remembered for his love

of life, optimism, and his remarkable ability to make anyone smile. Daniel was an artist, he loved to cook,

snowboard and skydive. Over his last few years, Daniel became a very talented artist starting with oil based

paintings. One day he picked up a paintbrush; what came of it where many beautiful, creative and original works of

art. His artwork allowed him to have a gallery showing in Frederick Colorado and Longmont Colorado. Daniel's

artistic ability was not limited to painting; his creative and intelligent mind allowed him the ability to look at a tree,

or a fire hydrant and capture amazing photos. He was able to turn an ordinary road sign into a unique table, or

take and old wine bottle and turn it into a one of a kind piece of glass. All the art Daniel created It was about one

thing, being himself, showing the world that he was unafraid to express his ideas. Daniel also had an incredible

love for music; he loved all types and styles. His love lead him to many concerts and venues around the country, all

that knew Daniel new he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, but it never stopped him from singing the loudest.

Daniel Michael Jones died Saturday, May 26, 2012 as a result of an automobile accident; he was killed by a

drunk driver.


Looking back on the happiness Daniel lived with has been a guiding light for so many. I encourage anyone

reading this to take a page from Daniel's story and live life to its fullest, to go after your dreams, to work hard and

to have fun; to not be afraid to take chances, to do what makes you happy, and to always laugh. For what we do

today will define us tomorrow.


His family and friends miss Daniel terribly, but he will always be with us and through you the recipient of the

Daniel Michael Jones Memorial Foundation Scholarship. Here's hoping Daniel's short life will inspire you and so

many others to accomplish many things, showing the world that you are unafraid to express your ideas! The Daniel

Michael Jones Memorial Foundation was established to "Educate and enrich the minds of students for generations

to come" in the memory of DANIEL MICHAELJONES.